Who Are We?

The Drinking Kakis were founded by two individuals, Jo and Chris whose passion in life was to find anything delicious that could be drunk.

Why ‘Kakis’ you might ask? Kakis in Singlish means ‘one of us’. We believe that drinking should be social. That drinks should not only be savoured but shared with those around you. And that there should be no pretensions about what you drink, where you drink, however you want to drink.

For most of our lives, the only exposure to drinks we had were limited to the few choices that most Singaporeans would safely choose. Fed up with the taste of Tiger Beer and Chivas/JW and buying Smirnoff/Absolut to get drunk as young kids do, Jo and Chris began reading up and meeting people with a similar conviction that drinks do not have to be mundane. We then began to seek out good, cheap and undiscovered gems in Singapore to satisfy our insatiable cravings.

Most of it started with Craft Beer. Introduced by Dan of the Good Beer Company and our favorite haunt, 99 Bottles @ Katong who always brings in the good stuff at affordable prices. When our pocket strings got tight, we would lean more towards whisky. Because hey, a litre of whisky lasts way longer than the equivalent amount of Craft Beers. And, sometimes we feel more whisky than beer. But craft beer is good too. Really good. (Psst, that’s you Siren Brewing. Love your stuff!)

Initially, it was just us two, then it become three, four and so on. We would meet weekly to drink and discuss life. And then drink more.

We hope to share with you Kakis, our journey to live to drink and expose you to the different worlds that these beverages bring us. From Craft Beer, Wine to Whisky and even Chinese Tea.

Do join us! For we have a long way to go. Cheers!


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